🌸Special feature where you can feel the variety of unique Japanese female singers


特集 日本の女性シンガーの個性 多彩ぶり

YOASOBI「アイドル」 Official Music Video
YOASOBI-ikura (Ikuta Lira 幾田りら)

YOASOBI, a unit that “embodies novels with music and images”, has appeared. In particular, ikura’s vocals are so tight and precise that you’d think she’s a vocaloid.
Hot topic, especially among the younger generation. She also tried in charge of the voice of Hiro-chan, the best friend, in the “BELLE”.

♪夜に駆ける with subtitles 11 countries
  • <real akiba boys> danced “♪Yoru ni Kakeru” in Akihabara at night
  • SAKIKOKO [How to sing♪] Coaching. 歌唱の運動神経が正確 amazing!
YOASOBI / Idol English Ver.

The one-shot “THE FIRST TAKE” is gaining popularity among music fans both in Japan and overseas as it gives a real sense of the singing ability of the artist.
Let’s face the songヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ”


Ai Higuchi ヒグチアイ

♪‘Akuma no Ko’ (Devil’s Child) with English subtitles

Higuchi Ai is a singer-songwriter who captures the subtleties of emotion.
She will perform “Devil’s Child,” which was written as the ED theme for the TV anime “Shinkage no Kyojin: The Final Season Part 2.
This song questions the question of “correctness,” which not only guides people but also sometimes becomes a cause of conflict.


In 2022, ano made her major label debut and has been active in multiple fields besides her music career as an actress, model, and TV personality.
『紅蓮華』-MUSiC CLiP YouTube EDIT ver. 2minutes

LiSA opening song to Demon Slayer-“Gurenge 紅蓮華” performed live on 「THE FIRST TAKE」completely BLEW ME AWAY…

♪Gurenge 紅蓮華 with subtitles 14 countries
  • Vocal Coach & Professional Singer <Kat>Reaction(YouTube)12′50″

LiSA’s attention to detail and vocal perfection make my Vocal Coach and Professional Singer reaction a fan girl zone./ LiSAの細部へのこだわりとボーカルの完璧さは、Vocalコーチでプロの歌手である私を、女子領域に誘ないます✿―Katriinkaさん

♪“Gurenge” was a song with many words, a wide vocal range, and a fast tempo that surprised listeners. For example,“raise the sound in the high range”, “raise the voice”, and “extend the sound”.
The amazingness of LiSA, a singer, was manifested in her sharp singing that aimed to go beyond physical limits. /LiSAがブレイクした要因は、身体的発声の限界を振り切った攻めの姿勢。

♪一斉ノ喝采/”A Thunderous Round Of Applause” with subtitles 4 countries-4′18″

The song was written for ⚽️FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
Since Lisa was originally a rockband vocalist, She is at her best with the melody that screams with the band sound!
リサは元Rockbandのvocalなので バンドサウンドで叫ぶメロがハマってます!万雷の拍手


♪“homura” with subtitles 3 countries
Vocal Coach-SAKIKOKO 15minutes with English subtitles

And ♪”homura” is a song that allows you to fully enjoy LiSA’s expressiveness and singing spirit.
After LiSA sings as if breathing in as the melody line rises, there is almost always a part where she sings as if breathing out as the melody line descends. Please pay attention to this undulation. It’s wonderful that her carefully sings the subtleties of the heart while carefully treating the “withering” part of the natural breathing that expands and withers.
It affirms the most fragile part of people’s hearts, and in the end, makes them look forward.It’s not only the character expression of “Demon Slayer-鬼滅の刃”, but it’s also close to each and every one of us living outside the screen.
In the live video of “THE FIRST TAKE”, LiSA’s singing, which puts her own emotions into the song, has the power to touch the hearts of the viewers. /そして「炎」は LiSAの歌心。メロディの強弱で 人の心の最も脆い部分を肯定し、寄り添ってくれる。

The voices of SU-METAL and MOAMETAL. ♪Monochrome
Piano arrangement of a solemn performance. Perform a single shot.

SU-METAL’s voice has a “piercing” high tone that can be heard through the loud volume of the music, and the simple piano accompaniment accentuates the “crystal clear” quality of her voice…
It is said that the most difficult thing for a singer is to sing straight.

BABYMETAL【SU-METAL (Vocal,Dance) / MOAMETAL (Scream,Dance) / (YUIMETAL※Former member)

ギミチョコ!!- ♪Gimme chocolate!! (OFFICIAL)2014

The song caught the attention of Alan, the promoter of the Sonisphere Festival.
As the 60,000 spectators went into their lunch break, the girls gave it their all on the main stage.

この曲は Sonisphere Festivalのプロモーターであるアラン氏の目に留まりました。

“Sonisphere Festival 2014” in the UK and supporting Lady Gaga on her “ArtRave: The Artpop Ball” 2014 tour.

「♪Ijime,Dame,Zettai」- Live at Sonisphere 2014,UK (OFFICIAL)7min.


■AKIcorazón-🎨【Fan art】

BABYMETAL’s “Metal Resistance” is spreading around the world

Kaho Nakamura 中村佳穂(BELLE)

The queen of ad-libs continues to make great strides, her one and only trembling voice that dances freely with the power of singing that is not bound by genre.
躍進を続けるアドリブの女王 ジャンルにとらわれない歌の力で自在に踊る唯一無二の震え声

♪millennium parade ’ U ’ with English subtitles
  • Vocal Coach-SAKIKOKO(YouTube) [analysis] Voice magician no subtitles 15′
  • 『BELLE』(Official) 弾き語り/playing MV 9′
♪NEW GENESIS (ウタ from ONE PIECE-)with English subtitles

Singer Ado, who has received overwhelming attention from the younger generation.
Ado’s charm is overwhelming singing ability. It is expressive as if several singers are singing in one song.The bass part produces a heavy and powerful voice, and the treble part sings with a feminine and stretchy high tone✿

MV♪”Usseewa subtitles 6 countries
Poignant lyrics that expose all the dissatisfaction of the world. Adults said, “I don’t want children to listen to this song,” but Ado’s song was a big hit. like Rock ‘n‘ RollMid 1950’s


Rei is a young talent who landed in the blues/rock world.
日本人として初めて「TED NYC」でライブを行い SXSWなど世界のフェスに出演「前例がないー」場に咲いた🌸

subtitles 21 countries

🎸 Categorizing Me(Official MV) 前段で“日本人として―”とか書いちゃって、反省
 In my opinion,kawaii hard blues &singing is also unique
🎸 PLAYS… at SXSW 2016 (Official) 4′


bewitching 妖艶な…

♪“orchestra” with English subtitles
  • Vocal Coach-SAKIKOKO no subtitles 17′ vocalization is art”

真打 Shin-uchi / flowering of emotions

She will perform “Beauty”, a song that she created with the thought that she should not forget and forgive the past days when she was criticized for her appearance and was hurt.

  • SAKIKOKO [Voice analysis] 21′ Japanese text trembling tears”
  • ANN NEWS 13′ English and Korean subtitles
♪“Wonderland” with English subtitles

Alternative R&B, hip hop, reggae, soul-club-beat music♪ A singer-songwriter who develops genre-less music, featuring lyrics that are poetic yet have a strong message, soulful and reverberating singing voice. 言葉遊びやソウルフルな歌い方、素の魅力.
●♪摩天楼(skyscraper) / THE FIRST TAKE

milet ミレイ
milet×Cateen ♪“Fly High”  subtitles 7 countries

A unique singing voice with a husky and profound feeling.
●milet×Cateen -♪Ordinary days / THE FIRST TAKE
●♪inside you (THE HOME TAKE)

MAN WITH A MISSION×milet – 絆ノ奇跡
Aimer エメ
♪“Zankyo Sanka” 遊郭編OP with subtitles 10 countries

Aimer MV ♪”Demon Slayer”Entertainment District Arc OP

milet×Aimer×ikura produced by Vaundy

♪“Omokage≒figure floating in my heart” subtitles 7 countries 

So complicated and technical, everyone’s voice is real