Delve into the heart of the hand-drawn animation “The Boy and the Heron” and reconsider yourself.

『君たちはどう生きるか』に観る、不格好な生き様― Who each character is modeled after is not important. Works that consider the deep psychology of humans. 人間の深層心理を探求できる作品 The essence is what it symbolizes―

夏をぶち上げるための“よりすぐり”映画/The “best” films to make your summer a blast!

夏の準備はOK? Are you ready for summer? Lords of DOGTOWN ロードオブドックタウン 輩たちのエネルギー、vibes✦ 2005 Official Trailer 1970年代半ば、スケーターシーン...

Alleged Victim of Johnny Kitagawa Speaks Out

2023/04/12 にライブ配信 PRESS CONFERENCE Kauan Okamoto, Former member of Johnny's Jr & Musician #記者会見 から4日が経ちましたが… エンタテインメント業が...

起業・スタートアップを身近に観る動画Entrepreneurship in Japan

Entrepreneurial Mentality and Career in Japan/日本における起業家精神とキャリア 【リアル投資ドキュメンタリーANGELS】PIVOT 美容×AIフェイススキャンで=似合うコスメを 名場面集の途中...

semiconductor competition/半導体補完計画

半導体競争/semiconductors chip war? 『半導体 microchip Gold Rush!?』 The Japanese government is trying to find a way out by becomi...

beauty & piano♪美人とピアノ

A collection of amazing piano performance videos by beautiful people♬ Beauty is more than what you look like... It can be recognized as a sense of gratitude and humanity that spreads inside. 美しい人たちによる素晴らしいピアノ演奏動画特集 美しさは外見からというよりも… 内面に広がる感謝の気持ち、人間性と認識できます(╹◡╹)

BATMAN RETURNS’92 -“Minority Sorrow”fascinated/弧の悲哀に魅せられて

A Tim Burton Masterpiece― to push the Dark Knight into an even darker and stranger world of heroes and villains! バートンは ヒ...

Create Manga-comics with digital illustrations

Draw a Manga in Ai. It will increase your imagination and make your content more enjoyable!(╹◡╹)Aiでマンガやイラストを描いてみよう 想像力が増してコンテンツをより楽しめます

🌸Special feature where you can feel the variety of unique Japanese female singers

日本の女性シンガー達の多彩ぶりを特集 it gives a real sense of the singing ability of the artist. ONE TAKE ONLY, ONE LIFE ONLY. Let’s goヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ”♬

With the “BELLE 2021” nurture a sense of admiration for images and music, Know how humans get identity.

『竜とそばかすの姫』The visual art of this anime is outstanding, the songs are worth listening to again and the story is touching."Beauty and the Beast"🌸How did this charming character come about?